Colts Neck Real Estate

Colts Neck is a large town in terms of square miles its over 30, part of this consists of Naval Weapons Station Earle. The town has its roots primarily in farming, it was founded in the 1700s as part of Atlantic Township. It remained largely rural until Ball Labs and some other larger companies built large suburban campuses in the area and when the Garden State Parkway was built right through the area making it much more easily accessible for commuters and visitors. When development began in the the 1960s the homes were mostly 2000-3000 sq ft homes on one acre lots as that was the zoning requirement at the time. Several large developments were built such as Clover Hill and Phalanx Farms.

As time went on into the 80s development began on a larger scale once again. People in town were looking for bigger homes and alot of people from Staten Island, NY and Brooklyn, NY had started to discover the peaceful life that Colts Neck offered. In the mid-80s fearing over-development the town changed its master plan and zoning restrictions for residential and commercial development after seeing neighboring towns over-develop. New requirements made some more residential areas a 2 acre minimum lot requirement and certain more rural areas a 10 acre minimum requirement to build one home.

This has helped the town stem development and keep its rural character while allowing for residential growth and commercial growth. Today, the town is about 12,000 residents consisting of approximately 4,000 homes. Also alot of commercial shopping has been added to keep up with the times and to also accommodate a larger population.

Currrently Colts Neck is considered an upscale, great community with fantastic schools, parks, and amenities but still has a small town charm.